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“AspireUp helped us really understand ourselves first and, with their strategic help, we were able to develop an incredible new branding platform.”

-Jim Bramson
Former Executive Director

American Dental Association

American Dental Association

The ADA is a household name, representing the nation's 150,000+ dentists, and is a highly creditible voice in oral health.

The Challenge

  • The ADA, the world's oldest and largest dental association, sought to strengthen and clarify its brand to help it further its mission.
  • Through stronger branding, the ADA aims to better serve the dental community and the general public by becoming a stronger advocate for effective oral care.

The Results

  • In the first phase of our work, we conducted extensive research of the ADA's key audience groups, in order to develop a new brand positioning that will create greater focus and impact for the association.
  • Research insights led to a new brand positioning is valued by ADA's key audience groups, offers a unique and compelling point-of-difference, and fits well with the association's strengths.
  • The new brand strategy was rolled out across the many torchpoints and divisions of ADA, expressing a clarified purpose and direction for the organization.