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"The professionalism and expertise of the AspireUp team was critical to the success of our business development program."

-Bill Zimmermann
Former CEO

ADA Business Enterprises

"To turn around a flat to declining business, we engaged AspireUp to help us develop new product concepts and shift our business model. They later helped us with a re-branding that made us more relevant to our customers."

Susan Moseley
Former COO

ADA Business Enterprises

ADA Business Enterprises

ADA Business Enterprises, Inc. is a for-profit subsidiary of the ADA that generates revenue by leveraging the ADA's strong brand name through endorsements and other business ventures.

The Challenge

  • ADA Business Enterprises, Inc. was looking for new avenues to grow revenues profitably and better serve dentists.

The Results

  • AspireUp employed its new product development process designed to identify growth opportunities based on deep understanding of customer challenges and unmet needs.
  • We facilitated a process that involved gathering growth ideas through interviews and surveys with thousands of stakeholders, including the cross-functional staff of the ADA, board members, industry experts, and a range of customer audiences.
  • The process netted dozens of valid new business opportunities that were then screened according to success criteria based on market need, strategic fit, financial hurdles, and feasibility, and ultimately tested through quantitative market research
  • The winning ideas were developed into full-blown business cases. AspireUp assisted in reviewing the opportunities with the company's board. The investment recommendations were approved, creating a pipeline for future growth.