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"AspireUp was vital to a brand refresh program that has energized customers and employees alike. We redefined the company mission with a broader platform for growth and built a new brand to support it."

VP Corporate Communications
Cheryl Flury

Global Healthcare Exchange

GHX (Global Healthcare Exchange) is the healthcare industry's leading business information exchange helping over 80% of suppliers and providers realize cost savings and improve business performance.

The Challenge

  • GHX was created by an industry consortium of leading healthcare suppliers and providers to automate the supply chain and reduce costs. The company soon found that it could serve customers beyond just supply chain given its data pipeline which connected to over 80% of the healthcare industry.
    One of the company's greatest challenges is that few people understood the breadth of services GHX offers and had difficulty even understanding what category GHX competed in.
  • GHX needed a new brand strategy that would fit its growth potential and clarify its brand, both within its own organization and throughout the entire healthcare industry.

The Results

  • AspireUp and company executives formed a working team to evaluate GHX' current situation and future prospects. After a first round of research, it was clear that GHX could have a far greater impact on the industry than what was first envisioned when the company was founded.
  • A new mission and vision was developed that broadened GHX' focus: to empower business performance for healthcare companies.
  • A new business definition was developed that would take the company well beyond supply chain management. GHX became the business hub for healthcare, connoting the company's central role in providing business information to the industry.
  • A brand strategy was created leading to its new "Healthcare Heroes" marketing campaign. The campaign shows how ordinary healthcare managers gain super powers to improve their companies and the industry as a whole.
  • Since the new strategies were implemented, GHX' stature in the industry has grown. Revenues are up significantly and media exposure has more than doubled.