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Splenda, manufactured by food ingredient company Tate & Lyle and marketed by McNeil, is a leading sugar substitute brand.

The Challenge

  • The Splenda brand had enjoyed strong growth and differentiation in past years, but faced increasing competition which threatened its taste advantage and growth prospects.
  • Tate & Lyle hired AspireUp to develop strategic options to grow sucralose ingredient and Splenda brand, and to increase differentiation.

The Results

  • AspireUp teamed with the client's leadership group and faculty from Kellogg School of Management to conduct a strategic assessment of the business.
  • Many long-term growth options were explored, with consideration given to new branding solutions, new potential markets, new products, and new marketing mix options.
  • Four growth initiatives were recommended based on evaluation of feasibility, risk, cost, and strategic fit, along with a roadmap for moving forward.