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"We have never been in a better position for growth, and AspireUp is the key reason. Their team handled the revamping of our entire sales and marketing program, and did it cost effectively and with high quality. I highly recommend their services to any company looking to improve its marketing."

Jay Schuette

Wausau Homes

Wausau Homes

Wausau Homes is one of America's leading producers of component-built homes sold through a network of over 150 local builders.

The Challenge

  • Wausau Homes had a powerful business model but never effectively marketed itself to current and prospective customers. Brand awareness in the marketplace was low and the company lacked a clear business plan.
  • The company's network of local builders had grown rapidly during the housing boom, but the quality of the distribution channel had suffered, as many dealers lacked the business acumen and customer service skills to sustain in a recessionary environment.
  • The market downturn caused Wausau Homes' business to contract, but also provided the opportunity for it to focus on building a tighter, higher-quality business model.
  • Top management hired AspireUp to help it turn Wausau Homes into a market-driven company and to prepare for future growth.

The Results

  • AspireUp developed a marketing turnaround plan based on a careful assessment of the company's strengths and market needs. Market research revealed that Wausau Homes' main advantage is that it can offer the home buyer a superior, low stress building experience. In addition, Wausau Homes gives its local dealers several advantages that set them apart from the typical builder.
  • Based on the research and strategy work, AspireUp developed a completely new branding approach, which included a full range of marketing and sales tools.
  • A promotional campaign was launch to demonstrate how the company is "Redefining the Homebuilding Experience".
  • To help its dealers be more successful in their local markets, AspireUp created a new branded business model based heavily on best practices used in the franchising industry.
  • A "voice of customer" program was put in place that showed Wausau Homes earns extremely high loyalty and satisfaction scores from home buyers.